our homemade pies

Meat Pies

Individual Pies around 10oz each in weight with a variety of Fillings including Meat and Potato , Hog Pot , Chicken and Mushroom , Steak and Kidney , Steak and Stilton, Pork and Black Pudding , Cheese and Onion and many more , using a Hog Dripping , Buttermilk and Rapeseed oil Pastry to ensure full taste and Texture , we also add our Homemade Pork Crackling and Roasted Onion mix to the flour giving our pies a unique taste

We an also make Larger Pies from Loaf tin size up to 16lbs in weight with the filling of your choice , please contact us with your requirements

Pork Pies

Using Fresh Ground Shoulder , Belly and Leg Pork , Home Cured Bacon , Himalayan Salt , Black Pepper and a few other spices,
Our Hot water Pastry is made from Hog Dripping , Butter and our Unique Blend of Black Pepper , Himalayan Salt , Dried Onions
and Ground Fresh Pork Crackling giving it a taste all of its own .

The Pies once filled are cooked slowly for up to 2 hours until a safe core temperature of 88 0c is achieved , each pie being tested by hand

Once cooled the pies are filled with Hog Jelly . once again from our hog roasting process and not the Powdered Gelatine from a tin .
The pies are then Sealed also with the Hog Jelly and Cooled overnight.

Not the simplest process but well worth it !!

Our Fillings are with Stilton , Cranberry ,Black Pudding , Smoky Bacon , Chilli , Free Range Egg or just Traditional , we can add them to your menu if your particular menu doesn't include Pork Pies or we can sell on their own , despatching anywhere in the UK by Courier

From £2.50 for single Pies (minimum 10 ) £12 for a medium round ( around 3lb in weight feeds 10-12 ) £20 for the Large Round (around 5lb in weight serves 20-25 and £40 for our monster Pie which we created for the 2017 Worlds Strongest Mans Celebration Party (around 12lb in weight and feeds 45-50 ) we can cater and Customise the pies to your Requirments
Ideal for Christmas , Birthdays , Christenings , Weddings or any other special occasion where something a little different is wanted.